Freight train from Russia arrives in Shanxi


Updated: 2020-09-14


A China-Europe freight train from Asino in Russia arrives at Shanxi Zhongding Logistics Park on Sept 10. [Photo/]

Loaded with 2,505 cubic meters of panels, a return China-Europe freight train from the city of Asino in the province of Tomsk in southeastern Russia arrived at the Shanxi Zhongding Logistics Park in North China's Shanxi province on Sept 10. 

The arrival was the 13th China-Europe (Central Asia) train returning to Shanxi this year -- marking another step forward taken by the province in railway logistics interconnections and intercommunications with countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. 

To ensure that the return train was fully loaded, shipping agents Huayuan International Land Port Group conducted research on the demand for panels from Shanxi construction companies engaged in engineering projects and carried out business matchmaking with Russian market players, to build a supply chain to meet the needs of Shanxi companies.

Wang Lin, chairman of the international logistics subsidiary of the group, said the group would further expand into the Eurasian market and make good use of China-Europe freight train services.

This would help more Shanxi manufacturing go abroad and attract more overseas resources and industrial products into Shanxi, he added.