Shopping coupons, retail vouchers aim to boost spending


North China's Shanxi launched a province-wide shopping promotion on Sept 8 -- that will involve a range of initiatives like shopping coupons, retail vouchers and discounts -- to boost consumer spending.

From September to December, Shanxi will issue shopping coupons worth 500 million yuan ($73.11 million) in total, consisting of 200 million yuan at provincial-level and 300 million yuan at municipal-level.

The coupons will be combined with various other measures to further promote the stable growth of the service industry and boost public spending.

Relying on the featured commercial streets and pedestrian blocks in 11 cities across the province, Shanxi will hold consumption promotions highlighting local folk culture, customs and consumers' favorites. 

During the four-month promotion, large supermarkets, brand chains, department stores, specialty stores and key commercial enterprises will offer deals and discounts to sell cars, domestic appliances, furniture and other commodities to boost sales.

Meanwhile, the province will broaden its product sales channels by furthering ties between offline businesses and e-commerce and new media. It will expand online sales through support from government officials, entrepreneurs and online livestreaming celebrities.

In addition, brand companies, stores and local restaurants will take part in upcoming food and cultural festivals, to help boost consumption in the catering sector.