Companies integrate more with Shanxi's transport network


Huayuan International Land Port Group and China Railway Taiyuan Group will further improve their transportation efficiency, as well as reduce logistics costs and accelerate the integrated development of the road-railway-port-aviation network in North China's Shanxi province, according to an agreement signing ceremony between two sides held in the province on Aug 13. 

Huayuan International Land Port Group, formerly known as Shanxi Energy and Transport Investment Co, has invested 50.17 billion yuan ($7.25 billion) in the local railway sector and constructed and completed 2,575 kilometers of railways over the past 10 years, contributing a lot to Shanxi's socioeconomic development. 

China Railway Taiyuan Group is a railway company with the largest railway freight volume and the most advanced heavy-duty technology in the country. Officials said it plays a vital role in the comprehensive transportation system in Shanxi and the national railway network.

In recent years, the two companies have jointly made great progress in expanding Shanxi's railway construction, multimodal transportation and its infrastructure rollout of logistics hubs. 

This time, the two sides will give full play to their core advantages to cooperate on optimizing the road network system. 

They will also work together to build railway ports, promote combined rail-sea transport and implement the regional reorganization of transport projects, so as to promote the intensive use of resources and the growth of industrial clusters in Shanxi's logistics industry.