Shanxi counties to pilot e-commerce with rural farm produce


Updated: 2020-08-17

Four counties in North China's Shanxi province were included on a list of China's 110 pilot counties for an important project involving the internet plus and the supply of agricultural products to cities announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Aug 11, local officials said.

The project follows a major decision made by the State Council, China's Cabinet, to modernize and expand agricultural product sales channels and increase farmers' incomes by selling high-quality farm produce online.

It is being seen as an important part of the development of digital agriculture in China and a vital measure to realize full rural revitalization.

The four selected are Yangqu county in Taiyuan city, Linxian county in Lyuliang city, Wanrong county in Yuncheng city and Changzi county in Changzhi city. Officials said they were chosen because they are endowed with certain resources, have comparative industrial advantages and existing foundations in e-commerce, with strong support from local governments.   

The pilot counties will cultivate links to county-level agricultural production companies and cooperatives. 

They will build high-quality and produce supply chains, establish an operation services system and an effective support and guarantee system that are suitable for the e-commerce marketing of agricultural products.

Officials added that their successful experience in the development will be promoted across the country.