Investment complaints, liaison departments in Shanxi cities


Taiyuan commerce bureau

Address: No 69 Xinjian Road, Taiyuan city, Shanxi province

Tel: 0351-4221570 

Fax: 0351-4221192


Datong commerce bureau

Address: Wenying Lake Office Building, No 2799 Xingyun Street, Datong city, Shanxi province

Tel: 0352-2117280

Fax: 0352-2117262


Shuozhou commerce bureau

Address: south to the intersection of Minfu East Street and Liangjun Road, Shuocheng district, Shuozhou city, Shanxi province

Tel: 0349-2165450

Fax: 0349-6188919


Xinzhou commerce bureau

Address: No 38 Xinjian South Road, Xinzhou city, Shanxi province

Tel: 0350-3308678

Fax: 0350-3308844


Lyuliang commerce bureau

Address: No 218 Binhenan Middle Road, Lishi district, Lyuliang city, Shanxi province

Fax: 0358-8222330

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