​Shanxi adds another general airport


The site selection report for the new Qinyuan General Airport in Qinyuan county in Changzhi city, North China's Shanxi province, was recently approved by National Civil Aviation Administration.

Officials said it is the first general airport approved for construction in Changzhi city.

Covering 65.33 hectares in Muhuayuan village in Qinhe town, the site is 3.5 kilometers from the county seat in a straight line. Qinyuan General Airport will have a runway of 1,200 meters with a width of 30 m and the runway will eventually be extended to 1,800 m. 

The construction of the A1-grade general airport will include a comprehensive building, hangars, garages for special vehicles, premises and aprons. 

The general airport is of significance to forest fire prevention, tourism and navigation operations in Qinyuan county and will meet the basic needs of people for travel, emergency rescues, aerial surveys and mapping and spraying agricultural fields with pesticide.

To date, officials have completed a survey of the site, secured military approval and liaised with aviation authorities on airspace coordination.