Shanxi integrates express delivery, manufacturing sectors


North China's Shanxi province will further establish an express logistics services sector that is compatible with the high-quality development of its manufacturing industry, according to local officials. 

It will pave the way for the integrated development of both, according to a circular recently issued by the Shanxi Provincial Postal Administration and the Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology. 

By 2025, the express delivery sector will be deeply integrated into the manufacturing of automobiles and consumer goods -- as well as the electronic information and biomedicines sectors.

The province will develop supply chain service capability covering the procurement, production, sales and after-sales in these fields.

It will integrate warehousing, distribution, logistics, an international supply chain and overseas ventures.

There are plans for Shanxi to support manufacturing and express delivery companies in establishing long-term and win-win strategic partnerships.

In doing so, the province will focus on its 14 key emerging industries and on the Belt and Road Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Industrial Cooperation Zone in Qixian county.

Officials said the province will encourage express delivery and manufacturing companies to jointly cultivate integrated supply chain capabilities related to the key materials, core components and finished machine manufacturing of electronic information products.

This will accelerate the intelligentization of logistics technology and equipment in the manufacturing sector -- as well as encourage express companies to build customized delivery service projects that target the modern medicine and health industries.