Hotels recommended in Jincheng II


Hotels recommended in Jincheng, Shanxi province:

(Star rating: ★★★★)

1. Jincheng Grand Hotel

2. Phoenix International Hotel

3. Pacific Hotel

4. Gaodu Hotel

5. Fujing International Hotel

6. Chessing Rural Nature Hotel

7. Lanhua Hotel

8. Jincheng Sunshine Hotel 

9. Yibin Grand Hotel

10. Jinyuan Grand Hotel

11. Zhulinshan Grand Hotel

1. Jincheng Grand Hotel

Jincheng Grand Hotel is a four-star hotel combining catering, accommodation, bathing, meeting and recreation services. 

The hotel, which covers 27,800 square meters, has 178 rooms and suites equipped with TV, central air conditioning, international and domestic long-distance telephones, and broadband internet access.

There are seven meeting rooms of different sizes for 10 to 300 people. The restaurants in the hotel including 38 private rooms, a banquet hall and buffet canteens can serve Shanxi and Cantonese cuisine, Western food and local snacks to 600 people at the same time. 

Bathing facilities, sauna rooms, a gym, a hairdressing salon and other relaxing and recreational facilities are available. The hotel also offers airline bookings, shopping, and travel guide services.

The hotel is 3 kilometers from Jincheng Railway Station and 2 km from Jincheng Coach Station.

Address: No 88 Fengtai West Street, Jincheng, Shanxi province

Tel: 0356-2228992

Fax: 0356-2028887/2052330

2. Phoenix International Hotel

Occupying more than 13,330 square meters with floorage of 27,000 square meters, Phoenix International Hotel is a four-star hotel offering accommodation, catering, recreation and meeting services.

The hotel is well equipped with various facilities to satisfy guests' requirements. It is 4.5 kilometers from Jincheng Coach Station and 5 km from Jincheng Railway Station.

Address: No 2839 Fengtai West Street, Jincheng, Shanxi province

Tel: 0356-2099999

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