Creative digital industry set to take off in Shanxi


The Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the current year's plan for the development of the creative digital industry -- with the goal of expanding it into a vital emerging industrial sector for North China's Shanxi province.

Under the plan, Shanxi will foster and introduce a group of top companies and develop new creative digital industry facilities and services based on new-generation information technologies such as big data, 5G and artificial intelligence.

Specifically, the province will focus on publishing media, knowledge services, film and television entertainment, animation and the game sectors. 

It will push to attract a cluster of companies that are engaged in news publishing, content production, new media services, digital design services and exhibition and convention services.

Officials said the province will be committed to the production and value-added services of digital content derivatives. 

It will look to the development of creative digital parks that integrate content production, technology development, platform operations and terminal services -- as well as the construction of a national digital publishing base.

In addition, Shanxi will spread and promote traditional culture based on digital technologies. 

For example, it will develop immersive digital products, cultural tourism intellectual properties and products that feature virtual reality, augmented reality and mix reality technologies and target ancient architecture and the restoration of cultural relics.