Lyuliang boosts growth of its herbal tea industry


Updated: 2020-07-16

Lyuliang city in North China's Shanxi province designated July 17 as Lyuliang Tea Day, according to a local government news conference on July 14. 

The new conference also announced that the city will hold a herbal tea fair and agricultural specialty livestreaming event between July 17 and 19.

Officials said this will improve the public's understanding of herbal tea or medicinal tea and expand the Lyuliang herbal tea market through the online and offline sales event. 

During the event, Lyuliang will also organize the founding conference of the Lyuliang Herbal Tea Industry Federation, stage a symposium on its herbal tea industrial development and have performances of tea ceremonies.

As an important part of Shanxi herbal tea, Lyuliang herbal tea features various herbal tea made from local specialties such as jujube leaves, sea buckthorn leaves and forsythia.

The city has 22 enterprises engaged in herbal tea research and development, with over 20 kinds of tea products developed. 

This year, Lyuliang will develop its herbal tea industry in four major areas: the western region will focus on developing a black tea range made from jujube buds or leaves; the northern region will concentrate on medicinal tea series made from forsythia, Chinese skullcap, Polygonatum and Chinese herbaceous peony; the northeast region will develop seabuckthorn leaf tea, rose tea and the southeast region will develop herbal tea that helps sleep with Sophora japonica, Abelmoschus manihot and the dry wood diaphragm of the walnut kernel as the ingredients.