Slew of measures introduced to boost Shanxi's service sector


Responding to the major impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on the service industry, North China's Shanxi province recently issued 23 measures to accelerate the return of the sector to stable growth, according to a provincial government news conference on July 8. 

The measures, which will be implemented until Dec 31 this year, cover seven areas.

These include further reducing the burden on businesses, stabilizing employment, stimulating consumer spending and supporting the development of commercial services.

Micro and small-sized enterprises and self-employed industrial and commercial businesses in the service industry will enjoy a 50 percent cut in rent levied by State-owned buildings and premises in the second half of the year.

Companies engaged in the service industry, which are newly included on the national statistical platform this year, will receive a one-time bonus of 100,000 yuan ($14,301).

To stabilize employment, Shanxi will exempt the payment of basic endowment insurance, unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises until the end of the year.

For the areas seriously affected by the pandemic -- such as catering, accommodation, entertainment and tourism -- the province will issue 500 million yuan in electronic shopping vouchers to local consumers through the e-payment platforms, to help boost public spending.

Officials said that in addition, Shanxi will support the innovative development of the catering sector. It will sponsor catering festivals and events, support the expansion of sales of e-commerce companies and promote the green development of commercial services.