Taiyuan Tangjiu convenience store


Founded in 1996, Shanxi Taiyuan Tangjiu Supermarket Co is one of the earliest retail chains in North China's Shanxi province. Two years later, it introduced the convenience store business to Shanxi for the first time and established the "Tangjiu convenience store" brand.

Tangjiu convenience stores mainly sell packaged foods, daily necessities and ready-to-eat food. They offer convenience services such as heated food boiled drinking water free of charge, as well as provide social welfare services such as collecting used batteries.

Tangjiu convenience stores have a unified corporate identity, store decoration and service concept. All stores are connected by an information network to  headquarters, which collects information on customer demand and needs.

The stores are open to the public 24 hours a day, all year round.

The development of Tangjiu convenience stores has enriched the retail market in Taiyuan, allowing consumers to enjoy convenient and fast shopping.