Shanxi medical insurance covers TCM medical services


North China's Shanxi province will improve the prices and medical insurance policies related to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), according to a provincial plan on TCM development released on June 3. 

The local medical insurance departments will determine the charges and prices of TCM medical services, which reflect the cost of TCM services and the value of technical services. Suitable TCM and TCM preparations will be included within the scope of medical insurance and the reimbursement ratio. 

Officials said the province will include appropriate TCM technical outpatient treatment into a pilot program for medical insurance payments, encourage and guide grassroots medical and health institutions to provide suitable TCM services. 

It will support medical institutions to develop TCM services for preventive treatment of diseases, to set up health management centers featuring TCM services and to integrate TCM health management programs related to hypertension, diabetes and maternal health into basic public healthcare services. 

In addition, four provincial-level regional TCM medical centers will be built based on city-level Grade-3 TCM hospitals in central, northern, southern and eastern Shanxi. 

Officials said TCM departments and pharmacies will also be established in comprehensive hospitals across the province.