China goes deep, with 5G network in coal mine

By Sun Ruisheng in Taiyuan and Zhou Huiying in Harbin (

Updated: 2020-06-04

China's first 5G network in an underground coal mine started working recently in Shanxi province.

The network is installed 534 meters deep in the mine, marking the deepest one in the country. It can help convey real-time data from inside the mine, including gas density, temperature and humidity.

With the help of the 5G network, video calls between workers on the surface and underground also become easy.

"It is a new requirement that coal mines install 5G networks," said Zhai Hong, chairman of Xinyuan Coal Mine of Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co, in Shouyang county. "In recent years, intelligent technology has replaced 321 underground workers."

"With the increase in underground 5G applications, it will allow unmanned surface mining surface, unmanned driving and remote coordination of equipment maintenance. The safety production and benefits of coal mines will be improved simultaneously," he added.