Shanxi enacts 12 policies to expand talent pool


Shanxi Provincial Government held a press conference on June 3, to outline North China's Shanxi province's 12 newly released policies on recruiting, training and retaining top professionals and talent. 

The policies cover areas such as the current work on human resources, recruiting and training of professionals, as well as incentives to attract and retain talent. 

According to the policies, Shanxi will establish two special systems for talent work reports and talent work assessments. The aim is to boost the performances in talent attraction and cultivation by staff members in the provincial, municipal and county government departments.

In response to the shortage of talent in Shanxi, especially the lack of high-end people and top professionals, the province will attract and bring in urgently needed talent through projects and will offer targeted and personalized help to talent. 

As an example, Shanxi will attract technology venture investors, senior corporate management professionals, highly skilled leaders and tech innovation individuals and teams that meet local technological and industrial development needs.

Companies have been the main driving force for innovation for a long time in Shanxi, but only 15 percent of recruited talent and professionals in Shanxi go to companies. 

To stimulate local companies' enthusiasm for attracting and cultivating talent and professionals, the province will increase the salaries of State-owned enterprises and support companies in their hunt for top staff with talent introduction funding. 

Officials say that despite the general rapid growth of talent, the brain drain in Shanxi is still serious. Therefore, Shanxi will reform and optimize talent introduction and cultivation plans and increase talent incentives.