Shanxi to build intelligent system for road traffic safety


North China's Shanxi province will build an intelligent system for road traffic coordination and command in the current year, according to the Shanxi Provincial Government.  

The province will establish a road networked sensing system with the video surveillance coverage of urban light-controlled intersections, reaching 90 percent.

Officials said that every 20 kilometers of main highways in Shanxi will have at least one monitor installed and the video networking rate of toll stations in the highway network in Shanxi will exceed 90 percent.

To prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, Shanxi will build an urban intelligent traffic control system supported by big data and a dynamic optimization system for traffic signals. It will implement a parking lot network system for the construction of a smart car parks, as well as develop intelligent public transportation. 

Meanwhile, the province will use big data to carry out precise investigations of hidden dangers for pedestrians, passengers, drivers, vehicles roads, and the environment. 

Officials said it would also conduct intelligent and comprehensive analysis of travel factors such as traffic flows, accidents, regulations, road construction, meteorology, and tourist hotspots. 

They said that by taking advantage of its traffic intelligent management platform, the province will strictly investigate and handle traffic violations including unlicensed driving and drivers answering phones while driving. 

The rural road traffic safety management information system will also be further developed, officials added.