Jinnan Weifeng drum, gong show


The Jinnan Weifeng drum and gong show is a traditional form of the Han ethnic group's percussion performance art that is played by instruments including gongs, drums and cymbals. 

Due to its awesome and powerful style, the performance is named Weifeng which means power and prestige in Chinese. 

The Jinnan Weifeng drum and gong show is popular in southern part of North China's Shanxi province, especially in Huozhou, Hongdong, Fenxi, Xiangfen, Quwo and Fushan counties that are administered by the prefecture level city of Linfen. 

The size of a Jinnan Weifeng drum and gong show team ranges from 40 to 100 and each team must have a commander. 

The show is divided into two parts: One is the drummer percussion performance with a round bass drum carried on each side, which focuses on the overall team formation and performers' postures. The other is drum and gong show in parade.

Integrating music, dance and skills, the show showcases the profound Yellow River culture and reflects the unyielding, bold and unconstrained characters of the people living on the Loess Plateau.