Lawmakers, advisers promote Shanxi's organic dryland farming


Updated: 2020-05-26

National lawmakers and political advisers from North China's Shanxi province jointly suggested that the country establish the region as a national demonstration area for organic dryland farming research and production.

The lawmakers and advisers also offered support in terms of policies, projects, platforms and funds, during the ongoing annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee.

According to their suggestions, Shanxi should take the lead in carrying out innovations and establishing an organic dryland farming technology system and standards system in China.

They said the province should set up two national key R & D projects, for the establishment and demonstration of a Loess Plateau organic dry farming agricultural technology system as well as a project on research and demonstration of key functional agricultural technologies. Two national key laboratories for organic dryland farming and functional agriculture should be established, they added.

They also suggested that, Shanxi -- as the national demonstration area for organic dryland farming research and production -- should integrate scientific research with agricultural production and industrial development. It should also promote the commercialization of organic dryland farming technologies, to set an example to organic dryland farming developments across the country. 

Shanxi which covers one fourth of the area of the Loess Plateau is a major province for dryland farming, with a long history of organic dry farming and profound dryland farming technologies that have influenced the entire country. 

In recent years, the province has been conducting technological research and development focusing on soil, fertilizers, water, seeds, machinery, agricultural film sectors -- and implementing eight major projects for organic dryland farming.

It has also established demonstration areas for the integrated development of organic dryland farming and featured agriculture in local 15 counties, which officials said have laid a sound foundation for the development of a national demonstration area for organic dryland farming.