Shanxi releases 2020 industrial development blueprints


North China's Shanxi province has released blueprints to develop 14 industries with annual output value topping 100 billion yuan ($14.12 billion) in 2020 -- to comprehensively improve the industrial foundation and modern levels of its industrial supply chains, according to the Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology. 

The province's traditional leading industries, such as coking, steel and the building materials sectors, will further go high-end, green and modern, according to the plan. 

Respectively, Shanxi will promote the construction of the national green coking industry base, strengthen standardized management in the province, resolve production overcapacity and refine the coking industrial chain. 

The construction of capacity upgrading projects in the steel industry will continue to be advanced, while the levels of steel production processing and equipment as well as industrial concentration will be improved. In addition, industrial steel clusters across the province, such as Taiyuan Stainless Steel Industrial Park and Wenxi Fine Steel Industrial Park, will be further developed. 

As for its non-ferrous metals industry, Shanxi plans to extend the aluminum-magnesium industry chain, develop deep processing enterprises and innovate in product technology by focusing on major aluminum (magnesium-copper) industrial clusters in Lyuliang and Yuncheng cities. 

The province's building materials industry will focus on upgrading refractory clay industrial clusters in Lyuliang and Yangquan cities; kaolin industrial clusters in Xinzhou and Shuozhou cities; architectural ceramics industrial clusters in Jincheng and Shuozhou cities; industrial carbon clusters in Jinzhong and Datong cities; as well as the industrial glass clusters in Lyuliang city. 

Shanxi's light industry -- especially the liquor, vinegar, textiles, ceramics and glassware sectors -- will focus on brand building and intelligent development under the blueprints. 

Apart from those five traditional industries, Shanxi will give top priority to nine strategic emerging industries under development -- including high-end equipment manufacturing, as well as the new materials, digital, modern logistics and modern medicine industries -- and promote their high-end and intelligent cluster growth.