Xinzhou Economic Development Area



Mapping out a dynamic future: Xinzhou Economic Development Area [Photo/] 

Xinzhou Economic Development Area (忻州经济开发区), in the northern part of Xinzhou city in North China's Shanxi province, is a provincial economic development area recognized by the Shanxi Provincial Government.

Covering a total planned area of 128.11 square kilometers, Xinzhou Economic Development Area consists of one core area and seven industrial parks and has formed six major industries -- coal machinery manufacturing, biomedicines, high-end commerce, new materials, high and new technology and information technology. 

A complete road traffic network has been established in the core of Xinzhou Economic Development Area, with roads extending 26.83 kilometers. The green area spans 50.7 hectares, with the green coverage rate of 16.6 percent. 

There is a water supply plant with a daily water supply capacity of 3,000 metric tons and a sewage treatment plant, with a daily capacity of 72,000 tons in the economic development area. Communications groups such as China Mobile, China Telecom and China United Network Communications have all settled in the area.

The economic development area has also established a complete education system covering pre-school education, basic education, medium-level occupational and polytechnic education, as well as higher education. There is one community hospital, two specialized hospitals and one medical examination center. 

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