1. Do I need to have my ID with me when I am not at home?

IDs including driver's license and passport are important when doing business at banks or encountering emergencies.

2. Can I drink water from faucets?

Water directly from faucets is not potable and need heating before drinking. Bottled drinking water is available in convenience stores and hotel rooms. Restaurants generally provide hot tea for free. Iced-water is usually available upon request.

3. What about public lavatories?

Most lavatories in Shanxi province are squat toilets, in which toilet paper is not provided.

4. How do I tip?

Tips do not function the same way it does in western and other countries. In the past tipping was not accepted by the public, however now the thing has changed. Tour guide and hotel servers accept gratuities. As for dining and taking taxis, tips are not necessary.

5. What kind of units of measurements does Shanxi province adopt?

Shopping malls and supermarkets in Shanxi province use units of measurement of gram and kilogram to measure weight, while fairs generally adopt Chinese traditional weight measurement units including jin and liang (1 jin=10 liangs=500 g).