Fees to be paid for the adoption


Foreigners who come to China to adopt children and go through relevant adoption formalities within the territory of China shall pay service fees to the China Adoption Center, and a registration fee to the registration organs as well as fees needed for the handling of formalities concerning visa and notarization. 

In accordance with the provisions of the Measures for Registration of Adoption of Children by Foreigners in the People's Republic of China, for the purpose of rearing abandoned infants and children living in social welfare institutions, the State encourages foreign adopters and foreign adoption organizations to make donation. 

The social institutions receiving donations can conclude donation agreements with the donors, stipulating the types, quality, quantity and purpose of the donated property. 

After receiving the donations, the social welfare institutions shall issue lawful and effective receipts to the donors, and must use all the donations to improve the nurturing conditions for the abandoned infants and children reared and may not misappropriate the donations for other purposes, and shall inform the donors of the use of the donations. 

The social welfare institutions receiving donations shall also subject themselves to the supervision of the relevant departments and make the use of the donations known to the public.