Yuncheng Economic and Technological Development Area


Yuncheng city in the southern part of North China's Shanxi province integrated and expanded the former Yuncheng Economic Development Area and the former Yuncheng Airport Economic Development Area in 2016, to establish the Yuncheng Economic and Technological Development Area (运城经济技术开发区). 

Located in the eastern part of Yuncheng city, Yuncheng Economic and Technological Development Area covers a total planned area of 105.63 square kilometers, with a built-up area of 38 sq km. 

The development area has an air-rail-road transportation network. The local Yuncheng Guangong Airport operates 30 air routes to major domestic cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Chengdu, transporting over 2 million passengers annually. The Yuncheng North Railway Station has an annual passenger volume of 2.85 million. Yuncheng-Sanmenxia Highway and Houma-Yuncheng Highway pass through the development area. 

There are 2,536 public rental apartments, 774 of which have been occupied, 23 specialized hospitals, 51 village clinics, 13 community health service stations, 69 clinics, two general hospitals and one town health center – as well as four universities and colleges, five middle schools, 14 primary schools, 56 kindergartens and 15 branches of various banks in the development area. 

It has large-scale open platforms, such as customs inspection sites and provincial cross-border e-commerce clusters. 

The area has formed an industrial ecosystem led by modern equipment manufacturing, light industry, food and medicine, modern commerce and trade logistics. 

As of October 2019, the development area has attracted 6,543 companies and 10,708 individual industrial and commercial businesses. 

Among these, 31 are manufacturers of a designated size -- those with annual revenue of 20 million yuan ($2.83 million) or more -- as well as nine internationally founded enterprises, six are Global Fortune 500 companies, 16 import-export companies and 11 are high-tech companies. 

The number of patents granted to companies in the development area to date has reached 477, including 19 invention patents, 120 utility model patents and 15 design patents. 

In addition, there are 18 research and development institutions and centers -- such as the F3 Hybrid Wheat Research Institute and the Chinese Academy of Sciences' pressurized circulating fluidized bed gasification R & D base.