Coalbed methane industry


Shanxi province is promoting the safe, efficient and sustainable development of its coalbed methane industry, according to local officials. 

It aims to achieve surface coalbed methane production capacity of 40 billion cubic meters and coal mine gas extraction capacity of 6.5 billion cu m by the end of 2020.

It also is aiming for a total pipeline length of over 15,000 kilometers, as well as replacing coal combustion with coalbed methane in key industrial fields by the end of 2020. 

Shanxi has been accelerating the exploration and development its coalbed methane sector. 

Officials said it has been selecting typical mines for comprehensive development tests. These examine surface development and downhole drainage, exploring low-concentration gas utilization methods to improve the comprehensive utilization level of coal mine gas. 

Officials said the province has been carrying out scientific research to reduce development risks and improve the utilization of resources, laying the foundations for accelerating the development of the local coalbed methane industry. 

Relying on the national pipeline network and its coalbed methane industrial bases, Shanxi has been further developing the storage, transportation and utilization of coalbed methane. 

This is being done by accelerating the interconnection of the coalbed methane, natural gas and coal-made natural gas pipeline networks -- and advancing the use of coalbed methane in the automotive, energy and power generation fields. 

Meanwhile, Shanxi has been developing technologies to improve the safe, efficient, low carbon and large-scale utilization of coalbed methane.

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