Shanxi documentary wins European film festival award


Updated: 2020-02-13

North China's Shanxi province recently won the prestigious Globe Award of Around International Film Festival Amsterdam with a documentary film recording people's efforts to get out of poverty, according to the organizers. 

Produced by Shanxi Film and Television Group and Shanxi Radio, Television and Audio Publishing Co, the documentary is called This Year.

It takes two poor families and a grassroots official in Shuiyuguan town, Kelan county, in northern Shanxi province as filming subjects.

The film records their life changes over two years, reflecting the difficult process of lifting people out of poverty in the town by relocating them and the local poor people's new lives. 

The Amsterdam event is one of the most influential film festivals in Europe. 

Unlike other global film festivals, it established sub-film festivals in four European cities – Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam. 

The best films are selected by professional judges from different regions and then the winning works of each sub-film festival participate in the awards final.