Jinzhong issues development blueprints for 2020


Updated: 2020-01-21

Jinzhong city, a part of Taiyuan Metropolitan Area in Shanxi province, tabled its development plan for 2020 during the third session of the 13th People's Congress of Shanxi province, in provincial capital Taiyuan on Jan 13-18. 

Under the plan, the city will expand transport links to the neighboring city of Taiyuan by expanding Taiyuan airport, constructing a Taiyuan-Taigu maglev train, opening the new Taiyuan-Lingshi intercity train and connecting 11 roads between the two cities. 

To improve local technological development, the city will cooperate with Taiyuan University of Technology, North University of China and Shanxi University. 

They will join hands to build laboratories, research centers and research and development bases, cultivating innovators and entrepreneurs, commercializing tech achievements and incubating businesses. 

Meanwhile, the city will focus on integrating its organic dryland farming. 

It will aim to create a series of high-quality specialty brands and build a national comprehensive demonstration zone for health food and functional agriculture, science and technology industry incubation, farm specialties, agricultural product processing and logistics. 

In terms of its people, Jinzhong will increase efforts in poverty alleviation, driven by industrial development. It will also carry out vocational skills training to increase employment. 

Government work in medical care, food safety, senior care and fitness will also be emphasized in the current year.