Mass vocational skill training to be expanded in Shanxi


Updated: 2020-01-20

Shanxi province in northern China will continue to implement a mass skills improvement project and plans to train 1 million people in 2020, according to the provincial government work report released recently.  

The province aims to further improve its vocational skills training system, enact eight provincial-level local standards for vocational skills training and establish a vocational skills training system covering a complete range of types of employment.

Shanxi plans to strengthen the integration of industry and education. It will launch more targeted training bases, responding to the supply and demand in markets, so as to increase employment and people's incomes. 

In addition, vocational skills training for skilled workers and mid to high-end technical professionals will be conducted. People taking part in the training will be sent to work beyond the province and even overseas, officials said.

Last year, Shanxi implemented training, with 1.05 million people receiving vocational skills training in more than 150 occupations. 

Officials said the number of trainees ranked third in China.