Xinzhou city to further its development in 2020


Updated: 2020-01-20

Xinzhou city in northern Shanxi province released its development plan for 2020 during the third session of the 13th People's Congress of Shanxi province held on Jan 13-18, according to local officials.

In the provincial government work report delivered during the session, the city was directly mentioned 13 times.

The report said the city will move to make further progress in 10 areas. 

These include its involvement in integrating within the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region's coordinated development, the energy revolution, rural revitalization, the tourism development of the Yellow River, the Great Wall and Taihang Mountains and the commercialization of 5G technology.

There are five high-speed railways to be constructed, including three involving Xinzhou, according to the government work report.

City officials said that once complete, Xinzhou will become one of the high-speed rail hubs in Shanxi province.