Shuozhou unveils big idea development plans for 2020


Updated: 2020-01-19

Shuozhou city in northern Shanxi province unveiled its development plan for 2020 during the third session of the 13th People's Congress of Shanxi province, which officials said concluded in the provincial capital of Taiyuan on Jan 18.

The city has set itself a series of economic development goals for the current year: GDP will increase more than 6.5 percent, per capita GDP will exceed $10,000 and fixed asset investment will increase over 8 percent.

The city will involve treated industrial waste land, abandoned mines and plant facilities in its industrial transformation.

To do so, Shuozhou will repurpose disused local industrial sites as logistics and storage centers, exhibition centers, as well as parks and museums -- for the development of logistics and storage or industrial tourism. 

In the battle against pollution and the fight for environment protection, the city will speed up the ecological management and restoration of local rivers.

It will build a 100 kilometer Sanggan River-Yongding River eco-economic belt and aim to develop itself into a garden city featuring culture and natural scenery. 

The construction of the Yanmen Pass Demonstration Zone for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry -- a national organic dry land farming demonstration city and one of China's top grain cities -- will be further expanded in Shuozhou to accelerate its agricultural modernization. 

Meantime, the city will continue to integrate into Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional coordinated development, undertake industrial transfer projects in eastern China, participate in the tourism development of the Yellow River, the Great Wall and Taihang Mountains, as well as seek cooperation in a broader field. 

In terms of transportation, the plan is for city to advance the construction of transportation infrastructure and the interconnection of surrounding areas.

It will do this by promoting preparations for the Hohhot-Youyu-Pinglu-Shuocheng High-speed Railway, after the Jining-Datong-Yuanping High-speed Railway is put into service this year.