Lyuliang nursing workers to serve in Japan


Updated: 2020-01-19

More than 10 nursing workers from Lyuliang city in Shanxi province will go to Japan for work after the Spring Festival holiday, according to local officials.

To lift local households in financial difficulties out of poverty, Lyuliang initiated a nursing and homemaking training program in 2015. The local government has established a nurse training base in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province, and selected several colleges as pilot sites for nursing training.

The government has also cooperated with care service companies and welfare centers, and set up liaison offices to help Lyuliang-born caregivers working in cities like Beijing and Taiyuan.

Last year, Lyuliang reached a partnership agreement with Japan on exporting professional nursing workers to the country through special training.

So far, the city has trained 49,274 nursing workers in 27 batches, including 21,156 poor people, and helped 26,056 people find jobs, including 10,414 in financial difficulties.