World's biggest nylon 6 fiber project debuts in Changzhi


Updated: 2019-11-07

The world's largest short nylon 6 fiber production plant -- built by Shanxi Industrial Equipment Installation Group -- was recently completed and put into operation in the Lubao Ecological Industrial Park in Changzhi city, in Shanxi province.

Industry insiders say nylon 6 fiber is produced in two general product types: the regular type for textile use and high-strength type for industrial use.

They say most nylon 6 is made in the form of filament yarns and staple fiber yarns to make carpets, tire cords, apparel, hosiery, upholstery, seat belts, parachutes, ropes and industrial cords.

The new plant covers 18,928 square meters and construction lasted 246 days from ground breaking this February, with completion 90 days ahead of schedule.

Officials said the project has turned coal-based synthetic fiber production into reality.