Shanxi Cultural Industries Fair coming to town in December


Updated: 2019-11-05

A rich variety of events will feature at the 4th Shanxi Cultural Industries Fair, to be held at the China (Taiyuan) Coal Transaction Center in Taiyuan in Shanxi province on Dec 5-10, according to a recent government news conference. 

Officials at the conference, held on Nov 4, said a large number of organizations will be co-hosting the event. 

Among them is the Shanxi Provincial Publicity Department, the Shanxi Provincial Education Department, the Shanxi Science and Technology Department and the Shanxi Provincial Commerce Department. 

Others are the Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Shanxi Cultural Relics Bureau, the Shanxi Provincial Administration of Radio and Television, the Taiyuan municipal government and Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone.

With its theme of "integration of media, integration of culture and tourism and integration of culture and technology", this year's fair will highlight the achievements in promoting cultural reform in the province in recent years.

The fair will be divided into a main venue and sub venues, the organizers said. The main venue at the China (Taiyuan) Coal Transaction Center consists of a preface hall, a themed exhibition area, a comprehensive exhibition area and an industrial activity exhibition area.

The preface hall will mainly show typical displays from Shanxi, reflecting the rich and enduring Yellow River culture of Shanxi province. 

The themed exhibition area will focus on recent breakthroughs in promoting the deep integration of the traditional media and emerging media in Shanxi province. 

It will also focus on new achievements in the development of tourism for the Yellow River, the Great Wall and Taihang Mountains -- as well as the progress in the integration of culture and technology. 

The comprehensive exhibition area includes industry exhibits, commerce and business exhibits and university cultural and creative design exhibits. Fine arts and crafts, intangible cultural heritage items and others will be on display at the industrial activity exhibition area. 

To further expand the event's influence, this year's fair will set up sub venues in cities, counties, cultural venues, key cultural industrial parks, scenic spots and universities across the province with a series of activities planned.

Apart from exhibitions, various activities -- such as a culture and tourism integration summit and cultural performances and promotions -- will be organized during the six-day fair.

The organizers said the event will use modern information technological demonstration technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and a 5G network.