Banshan Mountain


Banshan Mountain, also known as Shuanma Mountain or Zuohui Mountain Pass, is located in Yaowan town, which is situated in the east of Wuxiang county, Shanxi province.

The mountain is a vital place when people travel from Wuxiang county to Huangyadong scenic area, with an average elevation of over 1,800 meters. Its highest peak – Huaernao – reaches 2,008.5 meters.

Standing at the summit, visitors can enjoy broad panoramic views of the winding Taihang Mountains. Banshan is arguably the most beautiful in the whole mountain range, with stunning sunrises, sunsets and breathtaking autumn scenery. 

Apart from natural scenery and great views, the mountain also features revolutionary memorials from the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-45), making it an important site for learning about the country's history.


Red autumn tree leaves photographed at Banshan Mountain. [Photo provided to]


Banshan Mountain enveloped in mist [Photo provided to]

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