See China in 70 seconds – Shanxi

By Meng Zhe and Jiao Jie (

Updated: 2019-09-27

Shanxi province covers an area of 156,700 sq km with a population of 37.2 million. Shanxi province is also known as the "museum of traditional Chinese culture". 

◆ Shanxi is the energy pillar in China. Shanxi outputs 19.2 billion tonnes — 1/4 of China's coal production.

◆ During years of controlling soil and water loss, the total amount of sandy soil per year through the Yellow River is reduced from 400 million to 17 million tonnes. 

◆ Known as one of the most successful groups in Chinese history, Shanxi businessmen lead the way to success.

◆ Shanxi is the hometown of Chinese wheaten food.