Shuozhou achieves all-round development


Updated: 2019-09-22


A figure for economic and social statistics of Shuozhou city [Photo/]

Shuozhou city in northern Shanxi province has achieved a lot over the past 70 years, since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. 

The GDP of the city hit 106.56 billion yuan ($15.03 billion) in 2018, up from 0.49 billion yuan in 1949. Per capita GDP has increased from less than 1,300 yuan in 1989 when the city administration was established, to near 60,000 yuan in 2018. 

To develop a modern industrial system, Shuozhou has been promoting the transformation and upgrading of the two traditional industries of coal and thermal power. 

In addition, it has been cultivating emerging industries including new energy, high-end ceramics and new materials, biomedicines, cultural tourism, and trade logistics. 

The city has also been developing equipment manufacturing, the information sector and the environmental protection and finance industries. Last year, the proportion of the city's coal industry industrial added value to the total industrial added value decreased by 6.2 percentage points. 

To improve the local rural living environment and boost the rural economy, Shuozhou advanced  construction of the Yanmen Pass Agriculture-Animal Husbandry Demonstration Zone, treated rural waste water and renovated and built rural public toilets at a series of villages recognized for their beautiful living environment. 

More financial expenditure has been put into the employment, education, medical care, social security, and old-age care sectors -- to enhance the well-being of locals. 

As for transport infrastructure, the bullet train between Huairen county in Shuozhou city and Taiyuan, Yuncheng, and Xi'an has gone into service. That has provided local residents with traffic convenience in Shanxi province and beyond. 

The Youyu-Pinglu Highway, connecting Youyu county and Pinglu district in Shuozhou city, was open to traffic at the beginning of 2019. Construction approval for the Shuozhou civil airport has been given.

In addition, Shuozhou has adhered to green development over the past seven decades, with six related major projects ongoing. 

According to the plan, Shuozhou city will realize the greening of the entire metropolis by 2025. Operations to clean the Sanggan River that flows through the city -- such as dredging, pollution controls and embankment consolidation -- have been ongoing since 2018. 

Officials said the result is that the water quality of the river and its tributaries has improved.