Rhythmic gymnastics competitions end in Xiaoyi


Updated: 2019-08-14


A gymnast performs rhythmic gymnastics during the 2nd National Youth Games in Shanxi province on Aug 11. [Photo/sxrb.com] 

The rhythmic gymnastics competitions of the 2nd National Youth Games in Xiaoyi, Shanxi province ended on Aug 11. 

Throughout the 5-day competitions, 125 rhythmic gymnasts on 35 teams from around the country competed for 23 gold medals. Gymnastic teams from Sichuan province won 15 gold medals, topping the gold medal list.

The Zhenda youth sports club, a team from Xiaoyi city, won four gold medals, four silver medals, and three bronze medals during the competition, coming second in total number of medals. 

The organizing committee of the 2nd National Youth Games also granted awards to six teams, 14 athletes, and two referees with the goal of encouraging good sportsmanship and enthusiasm during the games. 

Ye Zhennan, deputy director at the gymnastics management center of China's General Administration of Sport, spoke highly of Xiaoyi's handling of the competitions. 

"The event was an opportunity for Xiaoyi to showcase its economic achievements since China's reform and opening up," said Ye. 

During the event, more than 56,000 people watched  the games, demonstrating the locals' passion for sports.