Shanxi noodles a cut above the rest

By Sun Ruisheng and Zhang Yu (

Updated: 2019-04-29

A chef has added a dash of romantic flavor to his noodles by using a giant sword to cut them in North China's Shanxi province.

Qin Chuangnian, a chef from Yuncheng city, can cut noodles with a sword that weighs 11 kilograms.

His inspiration came from Guan Yu, a famous general of the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD25-220) who was also from Yuncheng and regarded by locals as a symbol of faithfulness and bravery.

Guan used a heavy sword to win many wars, according to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of the Chinese classic novels.

The cook decided to introduce this legend to his noodles and make them more popular.

(Video by Li Jianzhou)