Cross-Straits promotion kicks off in Gaoping county


Updated: 2019-04-15


Vibrant performances feature at the opening ceremony for the fourth cross-Straits promotion series in Gaoping county, Shanxi province, on April 11. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

The fourth Cross-Straits Yan Emperor Economic, Trade, Cultural and Tourism promotion series kicked off on April 11 in the hometown of the legendary Chinese emperor of pre-dynastic times — Gaoping county, Jincheng city, in Shanxi province.

The promotion series, which will last until May 20, consists of three themed events: a folk ancestor worshipping ceremony, a cross-Straits summit on the culture of the Yan Emperor (a renowned figure who introduced major agricultural innovation) and six supporting activities, and a trade communications event between Taiwan and Jincheng city.

In addition, six featured activities will be staged including a traditional temple fair, a cross-Straits youth communications event, an archery competition and a tour for Taiwan residents across Shanxi. 

The promotion series aims to further cultural and economic communications between Shanxi province and Taiwan.