Lyu Bu


Lyu Bu (?-198), with the courtesy name of Fengxian, was a native of Dingxiang, Shanxi province. Known for his strength and archery skill, Lyu was one of the most famous generals in the late years of Han Dynasty. As said in the folk tales, "Lyu Bu was among the best warriors and Chitu — his horse — was the best of battle horses". He was originally a subordinate of Bingzhou' governor Ding Yuan and then the notorious warlord Dong Zhuo, but he eventually killed the two. After he killed Dong, who was the biggest threat to Han empire, the emperor appointed him the Marquis of Wen and Fengwei General. He was killed by Cao Cao in 198. Because of the renderings in novels like Romance of Three Kingdoms as well as other folk stories, Lyu Bu has impressed a lot of Chinese people as "the most valiant warrior under heaven". There are a lot of legends in his birthplace in Zhonghe village, Dingxiang county.