Lian Po


A native of Taiyuan, Lian Po (327-243 BC) was among the four renowned generals of the Warring States period, along with Bai Qi, Wang Jian and Li Mu. During the reign of King Huiwen of Zhao State, he was the chief general who led his army to defeat the Qi State and was assigned to the post of the highest-ranking official. Later he led a three-year battle against the Qin State and successfully defended the city of Changping (today's Gaoping in Shanxi). In 251 BC he was appointed as the prime minister of Zhao and Lord of Xinping because during a battle he defeated the Yan State. Because of the distrust of king during his senior years, he was forced to flee to the Wei State and later to the Chu State. He died in Shouchun (today's Shouxian in Anhui) in Chu State. His tomb is in Jijiaying village in Shouxian, a location also known as "the ancient tomb of Lian" by the locals.