The Coal Museum of China



Coal Museum of China in Taiyuan city, Shanxi province [Photo/]

Built in 1992, the Coal Museum of China is the only national-level coal industry museum in China. The museum houses cultural relics, specimens, documents and materials from the national coal industry. The museum is also a coal related science education institution and scientific research institution.

Covering an area of 11 hectares, the museum includes an exhibition building, China coal science, education, and culture communication center, a lecture hall and an office building.

There is a colliery safety education hall, an ancient mural hall, a simulated colliery, and seven exhibition halls focused on coal and humanity, coal development technology, China's modern coal industry, coal art, coal documents and China's links with the coal industry in other countries.

The simulated mine and exhibition halls for coal formation, coal and humanity, coal art and coal documents are currently open to the public.

It consists of a 15-square-meter world coal resource map, a 6-meter-high giant embossed coal pillar, carved jet crafts, columns where 14 different types of coal are displayed, and a huge model of the Earth.

[Exhibition hall for coal formation]
The displayed fossils, specimens and geological historical documents show visitors that coal comes from plants. The exhibition hall simulates the Jurassic forest landscape hundreds of millions of years ago. A 6-minute four-dimensional movie enables visitors to experience the ancient living environment and natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions and crustal movement –– all processes that led to the formation of coal.

[Exhibition hall for coal and humanity]
This exhibition focuses on coal development and utilization in ancient times, coal and modern industrial revolutions, coal and modern life, coal development technology, and the future of coal.

[Simulated colliery]
The simulated colliery covering 3,200 square meters is the largest underground simulated coal pit in Asia, with 800 meters of routes for visitors to explore.

Address: No 2 Yingze West Street, Taiyuan city, Shanxi province