Video of sand painting goes viral

By Sun Ruisheng and Zhou Huiying (

Updated: 2019-02-26

A 3-minute-long video of sand painting, in which colorful sand is used to draw delicate figures, has become an online hit.

Liu Xialing, a sand painter, showcases a series of intangible cultural heritages of her hometown, Shuozhou city, North China's Shanxi province.

Liu started learning sand painting in 2013 when she was attracted by the art shown on TV.

"I hope I can well combine the traditional culture with modern art," said Liu, according to Shanxi Daily, a local media, on Tuesday. "Moreover, I hope I can present the intangible cultural heritages, such as Saixi Opera and Shuozhou yangko (a popular folk dance) to more people."

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