Introduction to International Students Programs of Taiyuan Normal University (TNU)

1. University Introduction

Taiyuan Normal University (TNU) is a full-time higher normal university which is mainly engaged in undergraduate teacher-training education.

TNU covers 1.05 million square meters with about 870,000 square meters of construction area. The library now has a stock of over 1.26 million printed documents, 8.75 million e-books and 171 databases. The university has more than 24,000 undergraduates, 278 postgraduates and 3,000 adult students from 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

TNU comprises 20 colleges and departments and two teaching departments, offering 60 different undergraduate majors and covering nine disciplines: economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management and art. TNU has 1,443 faculty members including 848 full-time teachers and 110 professors.

TNU has established partnerships with more than 10 universities at home and abroad. They include the State University of New York at Albany, Northern Michigan University, Fisk University in the United States, Aston University in the United Kingdom, Brandon University in Canada, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg in Germany, and the University of Adelaide in Australia. The university has also sent students for exchange and study at universities including the State University of New York at Purchase, Florence National Academy of Fine Arts in Italy and Selkirk College in Canada. TNU also invites famous experts and scholars to come to give lectures, and sends excellent teachers to famous domestic and overseas universities and institutions for study and academic exchanges.

We warmly welcome international students to come to study at Taiyuan Normal University, and sincerely hope to engage in friendly cooperation and exchanges with foreign universities and institutions.

2. Programs for International Students

International students have the following options for study in both degree and non-degree programs at Taiyuan Normal University. Degree programs include bachelor, dual-degree and master programs. Non-degree programs include Chinese language, visiting student, research scholar and short-term programs.

3. Majors for International Students


4. Studying Duration and Academic Schedule

The normal studying duration for the Chinese language program is three months, six months, one year and two years; four years for bachelor degree or double degree, and three years for a master's degree. International students may, in particular cases, apply for earlier or delayed graduation.

TNU divides every academic year into spring and autumn semesters, with the latter marking the commencement of the academic year. The autumn semester starts in late August or early September and ends in mid- or late January of the following year, while the spring semester begins in late February or early March and ends in mid-July. There will be a winter and summer vacation every year. The summer vacation usually lasts for six weeks, while the winter vacation lasts for four weeks and normally coincides with the Chinese New Year. Please check the latest academic calendar for details.

5. Application

1) Application Time

Degree programs:  

Apply from March 1 to May 10 and register in September

Non-degree programs:  

Apply from September 1 to November 10 and register in next March

Apply from March 1 to May 10 and register in September

2) Application Fee

The Application fee is 800 yuan ($117) for each applicant each time, and the applicants must pay the fee before submitting application materials. The application fee is non-refundable.

3) Application Method

Applicants should mail the hard copy of the application forms and other required materials to the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Taiyuan Normal University (the address is enclosed in the Contacts item).

4) Qualification of Applicants

    A. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens aged 18 or above, with a valid passport and good health, should abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and should respect Chinese social customs.

    B. Requirements of Language Proficiency

        a) For programs offered in Chinese: applicants for the programs in humanities, social sciences and management should pass the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 5 or above before admission, and those for science and engineering programs should pass Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 4 or above before admission.

        b) General Visiting Students are allowed to take specialty courses when they pass Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 5 and above before admission. The holders of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 6 or above can take specialty courses directly.

        c) Senior Visiting Students (including Research Scholars) are not required to take the Chinese language proficiency exam, on the premise that the candidate experiences no obstacles in communicating with their adviser.

        d) Applicants of Chinese-taught programs without adequate Chinese language proficiency must take Chinese language training courses in the International Education Center at TNU for one to three years to reach the language requirements before major studies.

5) Application Documents


Generally, applicants must fill in and provide the following documents truly, correctly and completely.


  • The applicants should send the required documents to the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Taiyuan Normal University before the deadline.

  • No application documents will be returned.

  • The application is invalid if the application materials are incomplete or the application fee is not paid.

6. Scholarship

Currently, Taiyuan Normal University offers two kinds of scholarship to the international students: Shanxi Government Scholarship (SGS) and Taiyuan Normal University Scholarship (TNUS). Scholarships are mostly open to both the degree program students (undergraduate and graduate) and the non-degree program students (the visiting students and Chinese language students). The scholarships cover full or part of the tuition, living allowance, medical insurance and basic textbooks. Outstanding international students studying for undergraduate and graduate degrees at TNU are given priority for scholarships. Normally the students can apply for a scholarship every year so long as they can finish their study as required by TNU.

7. Medical insurance

According to the requirement of the Chinese Ministry of Education, students should purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan for Foreign Students provided by the insurance companies within the Chinese mainland before registration. A waiver of medical insurance can be considered for short-term international students (less than three months) if they can provide a certificate of medical insurance coverage of similar kind. Students who do not have valid medical insurance are not allowed to register.


9. Accommodation and Board

TNU provides apartments (60-80 square meters with two rooms and one lounge in each apartment for four students to live in) equipped with internet access, furniture, kitchen and bathroom in the dormitory for international students. The accommodation fee is 30 yuan per bed per day. Three meals at the students’ dining hall are around 600 yuan per month per person. International students can prepare their own food in their apartment.

10. Visa Application and Registration

Please bring your passport, admission notice, visa application form (JW202), and original Form of Health Record for Foreigners to the embassy or consulate of the People's Republic of China, and apply for a student visa. All the documents should be original. (Applicants can consult the embassy or consulate of the PRC for specific requirements.) Students shall come to Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Taiyuan Normal University for registration during the dates indicated on the admission notice with the aforementioned documents.

A study period of six months and above requires an ordinary passport and an X1 visa. Accepted applicants need to exchange their X1 visas for a residence permit at the local Exit and Entry Administration of Public Security Bureau, within 30 days of arrival in China. If the period of study is less than half a year, applicants may apply for an X2 visa.

11. Contacts

Person in Contact: Wang Jun, Qi Wenjun

Tel: 0086-351-2167891  

Fax: 0086-351-3179234/3179023


Address: Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Taiyuan Normal University,  

No 319 Daxue Street, Yuci district, Jinzhong city, Shanxi province

Zip code: 030619