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Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group [Photo/tz.com.cn]


Company emblem of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group [Photo/tz.com.cn]

Founded in 1950, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co (太原重型机械集团有限公司) (TZ) was the first State-owned heavy machinery company, both designed and constructed by the government, since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. 

TZ entered the list of China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises in 2005, and its sales volume has ranked first in China's heavy machinery industry every year since 2011.

The group boasts a wide range of products and offers a variety of services in fields like metallurgy, mining, energy, transportation, chemical industry, defense and aerospace.

Since its establishment, TZ has produced almost 30,000 sets of equipment of over 2000 types in various fields including metallurgy, mining, power generation, railway transit, chemicals, construction, new energy and aerospace. Its products have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions. 

With assets of over 40 billion yuan ($5.86 billion), more than 13,000 employees and an operating area of over 4.4 million square meters, TZ has developed into a modern group that integrates equipment research and development (R&D), equipment leasing, trade, logistics, engineering, procurement and construction.

Faced with new challenges and fierce competition in the high-end market, the group will speed up its restructuring, enhance innovation and improve management to build a first-class modern business conglomerate.

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