Jinneng Group



Company emblem of Jinneng Group [Photo/jinnengjt.com]

Jinneng Group (晋能集团有限公司) was established on the basis of the reorganization merger of Shanxi Coal Transportation Group and Shanxi International Power Group in May 2013. It is a State-owned key energy company with assets of 262 billion yuan ($38.11 billion) and business spanning the coal production, electricity, gas, new energy, trade, logistics, equipment manufacturing, finance and new material sectors.   

In the clean energy sector, the company, which is among the top 20 domestic photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers, now has photovoltaic (PV) and wind power equipment in service with installed capacity of 1.007 million kilowatts, and PV and wind power equipment under construction with installed capacity of 1.29 kW. The company's abilities in photovoltaic research and development (R&D) and manufacturing have been in the lead globally, with its PV modules' capacity ranking in the world's top 5 percent.

In the coal sector, Jinneng Group has 65 collieries and four coal mines in trial, generating 77.2 million metric tons of coal per year. With rich coal reserves, the company has sold 160 million tons of various coal products, such as coking coal and anthracite, per year to major consumption regions in Shanxi and other provinces in China.

The company currently owns nine powerhouses in service with installed capacity of 5.58 million kW and two powerhouses under construction. The grid covers 12 counties in Lyuliang, Linfen and Shuozhou cities, providing electricity to 850,000 households.

The company reached sales of 2 billion yuan based on its eight key projects in the real estate sector in 2017, earning 230 million yuan in profits.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20), the company will further structural reform and boost tech-driven transformation to develop an industrial system with clean energy as the core business, with coal, electricity and real estate as auxiliary businesses, and new materials and finance as emerging businesses.