Datong city shines at Art Hong Kong Expo

(goshanxi.com.cn) Updated: 2024-05-22


Datong captures the spotlight at the second Art Hong Kong Expo. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The second Art Hong Kong Expo featured the Great Harmony of Datong – Datong Cultural Tourism Promotion Day on May 16-19, showcasing the beauty of the city – located in North China's Shanxi province – through advanced technology.

The immersive 3D LED venue provided attendees with an interactive and sensory-rich experience.

At the Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo's 3D hall, which occupied 800 square meters, the opening day highlighted Datong's historical and cultural sites.

Using advanced visual and auditory technology, the presentation reportedly created a vivid five-sense experience, offering ultra-realistic 3D images that enthralled the audience. 

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Datong city is in the spotlight at the expo. [Photo/Yellow River News] 

During the event, members of staff distributed Datong cultural tourism brochures, hand-drawn food maps and travel guides.

The Datong Cultural Creative Exhibition Area and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Area put local food delicacies, cultural products and some of its best creative intellectual property on show. A continuously playing 3D promotional video offered a vivid and appealing tourism experience.

The promotion highlighted nine must-see attractions in Datong, including the Yungang Grottoes, the Datong Ancient City Wall, Mount Heng, its volcano clusters and earth forests.

Performances by Datong Jin Opera actors, including Jin Opera martial arts, solo folk songs and suona solos – along with live demonstrations of intangible cultural heritage – allowed the audience to experience Datong's rich culture, customs, cuisine and charms.

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Expo attendees from around the world enjoy a rewarding cultural journey via Datong city. [Photo/Yellow River News] 

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