Datong starts blockchain node construction

(goshanxi.com.cn) Updated: 2024-03-05

The National Blockchain Technology Innovation Center recently announced the commencement of construction on its Datong city node. 

The center, located in Beijing, is committed to establishing blockchain industry innovation centers in key sectors of the national economy. It aims to build regional blockchain innovation centers in areas with active digital economic development. By establishing a series of city nodes, the center aims to strengthen the national blockchain network, thus providing strong support for the high-quality development of China's digital economy. 

The head of the center stated that Datong is a key city in Central China with extensive resources. Not only does Datong serve as a gateway to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, but it also plays a crucial role in the national strategy for the region's coordinated development.

In recent years, the city has become an important hub for emerging computing power industries in Central China, with many leading domestic companies establishing data computing facilities in the city. 

According to the construction plan, Datong will cooperate closely with the center to focus on core technological innovations, application scenario development, talent cultivation, and industrial ecosystem construction. This collaboration will leverage cutting-edge blockchain technology to support scenarios such as the digital transformation of Datong's industries, government services, and green energy traceability.

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