Datong opens innovation exhibition

(goshanxi.com.cn) Updated: 2024-01-19

The first "Five Smalls" Innovation Exhibition in Datong commenced at the Datong Sculpture Museum on Jan 16. 

This five-day exhibition focuses on small inventions, creations, innovations, designs, and suggestions. By utilizing physical models, display boards, images, and LED screens, the exhibition has created a comprehensive display area that fully showcases the city's innovative achievements.

The exhibition is divided into regional and industrial sections. The regional section comprises five districts and six counties, while the industrial section includes coal, manufacturing, chemical, new energy, and other diversified industries. Over 300 innovative achievements are on display. 

Since 2015, more than 400,000 employees from various industries have participated in the annual "Five Smalls" competition, which was organized by Datong Federation of Trade Unions. This has resulted in over 50,000 innovative achievements and an economic benefit of 58.36 billion yuan ($815.82 million). Among these achievements, 325 have been honored at the provincial level and 420 at the municipal level.

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