Datong fosters general aviation industry

(goshanxi.com.cn) Updated: 2023-09-14

Datong city in North China's Shanxi province has boosted the comprehensive development of its general aviation industry by focusing on light aircraft, drones, and brand services. 

So far, Datong has invested nearly 3 billion yuan ($413.52 million) in the industry. 

The city has established a ground-air flight service support network represented by Nanliuzhuang and Lingqiu general airports and general flight service stations; an aircraft research, development, manufacturing, and enterprise incubator represented by the Datong General Aviation Industrial Park; and a general aviation talent training center led by Shanxi General Aviation Polytechnic.

Projects such as the Changying Mifeng aircraft manufacturing project and the Hengyuan Zhongcheng micro turbine jet engine development and manufacturing project have also been put into operation in Datong, with total sales revenue expected to reach about 16 million yuan this year. 

Datong has also cooperated with Beihang University to promote the application and implementation of the university's technological achievements in the city. 

In the second half of this year, Datong has been promoting cooperation with Beijing Reignwood Star General Aviation Co to construct and put into operation temporary landing points in the Ancient City of Datong. 

The city is also working closely with the General Administration of Sport's Air Traffic Control Center to accelerate the planning and construction of 10 flight camps in local counties and districts, with the flight camp at Yunzhou district's volcano group at the center, and developing more than one air tourism route. 

It plans to form a general aviation emergency rescue system, expand aviation science applications, incubate flight experience and air-logistics delivery businesses, construct and operate low-altitude flight service stations, and set a normalized flight airspace. 

In addition, the city has been exploring the integrated development of general aviation, industrial parks, theme towns, e-commerce and logistics enterprises.

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