Shanxi publishes pilot sites for development of nighttime economy

( Updated: 2022-11-01

North China's Shanxi province recently published its list of provincial pilot sites for the development of the nighttime economy. 

The nighttime economy refers to the consumer economy from 6 pm to 6 am the next day. 

Yingzhe district in Taiyuan, Pingcheng district in Datong, Luzhou district in Changzhi, Gaoping and Chengqu district in Jincheng, Chengqu district in Yangquan, and Jiexiu in Jinzhong were included on the list. 

According to the Shanxi Department of Commerce, Shanxi will strengthen the overall planning of nighttime economy development by focusing on improving infrastructure construction and night lighting in the downtown areas of cities, increasing the number of nighttime shopping venues, and developing special catering night markets and landmark nighttime living clusters so as to promote consumption in the province.

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